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The Activators stress-release stretching class was a new concept for its creator, Randy Moore.  He was just starting the program and wanted a clean, appealing website to explain the concept to potential students as well as providing background information on himself as the instructor and information on where the classes would be held.


We discussed his goals for the project and decided that using a content management system would be the best approach since Randy preferred to be able to make updates and changes himself once the site was live.  WordPress is our system of choice at ATS so we created some initial layout and design prototypes to start with.

From there we expanded and refined the content to best explain the concepts as well as target search results so potential students would be able to find the site.

Finally, once the site was fully built and Randy provided the final approval the site was published.  He is able to make content changes without requiring needing to rely on ATS for support, although we continue to provide follow up to make sure all is well and the site is performing to Randy’s expectation.  Happily, that has been the case.

Site Info

  • Built using WordPress, the world’s most widely used content management system
  • Custom theme built for The Activators
  • Fully responsive and looks great on all types of devices
  • Hosted and maintained by ATS to ensure high performance, security and stability

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