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Since 1980, Sandoz Chiropractic Center has been serving South Jersey to provide a loving, compassionate and supportive environment to help patients regain and maintain their health, vitality, and youth.  Their existing website was aging, not very engaging and not mobile-friendly.  They wanted a new website that offered a way to educate and interact with their patients and attract new ones.


The site would contain quite a number of pages so managing the content was a key consideration.  We chose to use WordPress as the content management system due to its flexibility and extensibility.  A prototype of the site was designed and made available to support a collaborative approach to adding, reviewing and adjusting the content and layout.  Once the content and layout were finalized the site was launched.

Site Info

  • The site features a comprehensive overview of services, testimonials, patient education and numerous custom forms for scheduling patients and so on.
  • Built using WordPress, the world’s most widely used content management system
  • Fully responsive and looks great on all types of devices
  • Hosted and maintained by ATS to ensure high performance, security and stability

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